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                DISKCOPY 繤觷դᵡҧ仨ҡ COPY Ǥ COPY ҹ 繡͡Ѵ͡੾кҧҵͧҹ ҧҡ DISKCOPY 繡äѴ͡蹴ʡ«觨͡੾кҧ.


DISKCOPY  [dirve1:  [drive2:] ]

drive1 :  ¶֧ Ƿ蹵鹩Ѻ

                drive2 :   ¶֧ Ƿ·ҨФѴ͡觵ҧ ҡ鹩Ѻŧ


                1.   ö DISKCOPY к drive2 кط drive1 drive2

2.             DISKCOPY Ѵ͡੾蹴ʡҹ Ѵ͡촴ʡ

                3.   drive1 drive2 еͧǪԴǡѹ Ҵǡѹ



                DISKCOPY A: A:

                ¶֧ äѴ͡ʡ蹨ҡ鹩Ѻ A ѧ A ( ͧѺ)

                DISKCOPY A: B:

                ¶֧ äѴ͡ʡ蹨ҡ鹩Ѻ A ѧ B


                ¶֧ äѴ͡ʡ蹨ҡ鹩ѺǷѧѨغѹ ѧǷѧѨغѹ

                DISKCOPY A:

                ¶֧ äѴ͡ʡ蹨ҡ鹩Ѻ A ѧǷѧѨغѹ



                繤觷㹡õѹ (͹-ѹ-) ͧͧ


DATE  [date]

date        ¶֧ ͹-ѹ- ҡ˹ͧ


                ҡк date ͧ ʴ ͹-ѹ- Ѩغѹͧͧ һ͹ ͹-ѹ- ͧõ


                DATE  12-01-1999

                ¶֧ õѹͧͧѹ 1 ѹҤ 1999


                ¶֧ ͧ ʴ ͹-ѹ- Ѩغѹͧͧ һ͹ ͹-ѹ- ͧõ



                ѡɳǡѹѺ DATE TIME 繤觷㹡õҢͧͧ


TIME  [ time ]

time         ¶֧ ҡ˹ͧ


                ҡк time ͧ ʴ Ѩغѹͧͧ һ͹ ͧõ


                TIME 11.30

                ¶֧ õͧ 11.30 .


                ¶֧ ͧ ʴһѨغѹͧͧ һ͹ҷͧõ


                繤觷㹡õ駪ʹʡ (蹴ʡ촴ʡ)


LABEL  [ drive: ] [ label ]

drive :    ¶֧ Ƿ蹷ҵͧõ駪

                label :      ¶֧ ͧ͢ʡ ҡ˹ͧ



                1.   ҡк drive: ͧ ж繡÷ӧҹǻѨغѹ



 2.            ҡк label ͧ ʴͧʡ͡һ͹ͧ͢ʡͧ

                3.   ͧ͢蹷Ҩе駢鹹 繪á еͧդԹ 11 ѡ


                LABEL   A:SYSTEM

                ¶֧ õ駪ͧ͢ʡ A SYSTEM

                LABEL  PAPAYA

                ¶֧ õ駪ͧ͢ʡǷѨغѹ PAPAYA

                LABEL  A:

¶֧ ͧ ʴͧʡ A ͡ һ͹ͧ͢ʡͧ


                ¶֧ ͧ ʴͧʡǻѨغѹ͡һ͹ͧ͢ʡͧ



                Ǣ͹繡áǶ֧Ըҧ ¹Ҥ觷֡¹§͡ѹ ǻ͹չʡ .BAT ҡ ҵͧҹ觪شѧ §͹ǡ Enter зӧҹҹ ͧѹ价Фѵѵ ¡չʡ BAT (BATCH FILE)”


                صҵͧҧặ SUPDIR.BAT ö¡ª駨ҡ A B ѹդ觴ѧ仹

                1.   źҾ                                                                         ( CLS)

                2.   ʴª蹴ʡ A        ( DIR A :)

                3.   ʴª蹴ʡ B         ( DIR B :)

                ѧ Ҩеͧ͹ 3SUPDIR.BAT »͹


ҡ͹觷騹ú 3 ǡ F6 ͺ͡èͧش ǡ Enter ͧ йӤ觷һ͹ 3 SUPDIR.BAT ҵͧ

                ѧҡҧ SUPDIR.BAT ö¡ҹ »͹     SUPDIR ǡ Enter ͧ зӧҹ觵ҧ ặҵͧ



                öʴͤҾͧ ECHO ٻẺҹѧ


ECHO  [ON|OFF| message ]

message  ¶֧ ͤҡ˹ͧ ʴ͡ҺҾ


                ص ặ XDIR.BAT 纤纵仹



ECHO        ****************************

ECHO          *        XTRA  DIR  SERVICE           *

ECHO          ****************************


ECHO                    SEE  YOU  AGAIN !

ECHO          ****************************




ECHO  OFF            繤觷˹ ͨҡʴ੾мѾҡ÷ӧҹҹ ͧʴǤ觷ѧӧҹ͡Ҵͷʴͤҧ ʴ͡ҧ§

CLS                        繤 źҾ

ECHO  ¢ͤ

                                繤ͧ ʴͤ͡ҺҾ

DIR A:                   繤ͧ ʴ´ A

ECHO ON            繤ͧ ѺʴǤ觷ѧӧҹ


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RE : dos dos ӤѭѺ [ 繷 1]
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