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Topic  :  cheap plus size wedding gowns
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What kind of church would allow two practicing lesbean to get "maried"?? Don"t these churches know thast the bible says that female on female and men on men is breaking Gods laws?? This is the type of church that obviously is some new age grab your donations and sin any way you want it. These two lesbians are not maried in the eyes of God. It is obvious by the tatoos and life style that the church truly is not christian. Stop sinning, repent, return to God. Churches today are not following Christ in the manner that he teaches us to live by. Historicly the christian congregation (church) became dominated and controled by the Roman government shortly after the apostals died. A govennor ship individuals were placed at the "head" of the true christians that practiced chritianity during the first century. Even in the days of Jesus did he warn that a false church, even in his day, existed and would lead people away from True faith. Today the world is filled with churches that are set up to falsly lead people away from the Truth. In the 4th century A.C.E. Constantine , who was a general of an army and a pagan, brought people into the "christian " congrigations by accepting pagan ways and calling them Christian. The many "gods" worshiped in those days were then called "Saints" and to this day people are led by church leaders who want to controle and cash in on the christian ways. Wake up America, we are living in the last days and soon God will through His son Jesus bring false religion to ruin and distruction. We can then look forward to a time of peace, one shoulder dresses one shoulder dresses a time of truth and healing, a time of meraculous events that will affect all people living on the earth. Those false churches will come to ruin and those Priests and Ministers who teach fals religion will be distroyed with a special dealing with thise who know the truth and do not teach it, for their own political and finacial poweres that come with their possitions as teachers of fals religion. Soon the earth will be a paradise as proposed by our loving Father as He had planed from the beginning of time. Blow the dust off your bibles and read II Timothy 3-6 and see for your self if the mesage is not a warning for our time, a profetic warning to the last generation. Praise God for his mercy and goodness. jesus said as he was dying "Father forgive them for they know not what they are doing" He was refering to all mankind, knowing that a great comming away from the truth had even in his time began, and that all mankind would be blinded by Saten, the god of this world. Why so much suffering, war, deses, famin and death wedding dresses with color wedding dresses with color ? Acording to the Bible Satin offered to give power to all the earth if Jesus would just perform an act of worship to him. many times in the Bible the referance of power and rulership of this world belongs to Sartin and his demon forces. Soon he and his demons will be " locked away" and all mankind will come up to a resurection, white flower girl dresses white flower girl dresses and will know the truth, and will give worship to our Loving Father God, and all men, from the breggining of time will know God and will be offered a deal we will not refuse, to begin again in a new world paradise here on earth. "ans tThy will be done, on earth, even as at is in heaven" I can back up every word I have written with a scripture if anyone care to write me. But I don"t think anyone will comment on this blog subject because people just don"t care about truth. They prefer to think of grandmother flying around in heaven with white wings looking over them!  
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: Austin 
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Phnmeneoal breakdown of the topic, you should write for me too!
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RE : cheap plus size wedding gowns [ 繷 2]
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: Juita 
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Wow! Great to find a post with such a clear mesagse!
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: Dolly 
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RE : cheap plus size wedding gowns [ 繷 9]
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